Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Something, something, blog post.

So I've been reading up on Action Script 3 a lot lately, kind of confusing to tell the truth. I've been reading many different guides and tutorials but I really haven't gotten too far with it. I sort of understand the general concept but that's about it. I really would like to learn AS3 (AS2?) though, maybe get to the point of being able to make flash games or something, who knows. Just messing with Flash has been a hobby for me this past month at least, it's just been slow learning. Wish I could find a decent guide, introduction, whatever. One that didn't assume you knew things prior to reading the guide.

Any who, other than Flash and all that jazz I've been working my way through the Dark Tower series by Stephen King like I said I would when I bought the whole set years back. I've owned these books for two years and I'm only on the second book (out of seven). I'm such a slacker I know, I like the story so far though, I'm just forgetful at times when I get caught up in other things.

Oh, and here is another tip. Not only do cats bite but so do geese. I swear, the geese at my local park are like little gangsters. I was feeding bread to the swans and here come this group of three geese that chase the swans into the water and then proceed to eat all the bread, even snatching the bread in my hand away and nipping my finger. Those damn birds.