Friday, October 1, 2010

Adobe Flash Professional CS5

So I got Adobe Flash Professional CS5, and I got to say, I have absolutely no idea what half of this stuff does (Total culture shock I tell you). You see, I'm not new to Flash in the least, years ago (back in high school so about...three years ago?) I used to mess around with what I think was Macromedia Flash MX (Or was it MX 2004?) which at that time was even an older program. I wouldn't say I got great with it but I knew pretty much what everything was at least, but now that I've taken the jump to CS5, plus the years in between (which I kinda stopped playing around with MX years ago), I just have no clue where to start, they really added and updated a lot since the MX days.

So far I've remembered a few simple functions (very simple) such as making buttons, music clips, and so on and so forth. Though as I was playing around with the program and reading a few tutorials online I noticed a real neat tool that wasn't around in the MX days, and that's the Bone Tool, I think it's called. It's a real awesome tool that makes animating a thousand times easier. What it basically does is connects your graphics together in order to form a (invisible when the animation is played) skeleton which you can bend at your will for various animation poses down the time line, which is a godsend if you ask me. Though of course if you want to make like say a person moving and walking or what have you would have to make each limb separate from the main body, anything you want to have move must be separate.

So yeah, I thought the bone tool was pretty cool, I'm still playing around with it and learning all that it is capable of, no better way to learn new things than to try them yourself huh? Still a lot more to figure out in this massive program, don't know if I will use half the stuff. All I know is I would really like to try and get good with Flash, maybe make some short animated movies or games or something. Really I'm just looking for a hobby so we will see where this goes.

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