Thursday, November 4, 2010

Believe It or Not: Ugly Dogling Gets Ripley's Makeover

 Ripley the Dog: Before

That little gray mass might look like a stuffed toy that's been left in a mud puddle for a couple of months.
But beneath all the matting lies a genuine, living, breathing little dog... and his Ripley's transformation from matted mutt to lovable pup is a true Believe It or Not! story.

The doggie was found in a ditch, with his fur so badly matted that it even covered his eyes. He was brought to My Heart's Desire, an animal shelter in Houma, La., covered in so much matted fur that even his eyes were hidden.

The staff there named him "Ripley" because they couldn't believe anyone would treat a dog so badly.
And when the Ripley's company found out, they wanted to make sure the little dog's story had a true "Believe It or Not" ending.
Ripley the Dog: After So while the shelter gave the dog a TV-worthy makeover, Ripley's pitched in with a $400 donation to the shelter and a gift card to the dog's eventual owners for grooming, toys, food and more.

The company also says it plans to keep tabs on the dog.

"We are putting his story in the 2012 edition of our 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not!' book," Ripley's spokesman Tim O'Brien was quoted as saying. "His life will be very public. It will be a big deal when he's adopted. I hope his new owners understand they'll have to share him with the world."

O'Brien says he thought of adopting the dog himself.

"Whoever gets him is getting a great dog," he told AOL News. "I'm tempted to drive down from Nashville and adopt him myself. My family wants me to."


  1. I remember when Ripley's was about weird stuff.
    This post made me angry. The content, not NoblePurple. :D

  2. Wow who would have thought such a cute dog would be under all of that.

  3. A real feel good story. thanks!

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  5. Cute little thing, don't know how any human being can leave an animal to rot out in a ditch... Followed.